A Case of Misunderstanding Achievements

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Can we achieve and make a difference without making it “big”? Does making history has anything to do with making it big?

That’s the Question we’ll grapple with today.

Consider a true story of two people who were partners — husband and wife.

Wife is a prolific writer who wrote a groundbreaking novel about a hero (a rather inspiring figure). She put a lot of effort into the book and it became a success. From the looks of it, the book would last for at least a century. A bestseller — Accomplishment.

Later, the writer admits something in the backdrop…

Stop Escaping Behind the Canvas. Time to Step Out

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This morning, your muse strikes and you get an idea for a film script. You open a page and start writing furiously. You start creating characters and conversations as they ought to be, a place where things are intensely interesting and unreal. Because the reality that we know is a bit dull and stale. You don’t have control and freedom over reality, but on paper and canvas you’ve got complete freedom and you’re thrilled and you continue writing for hours.

Finally, you think, on art and paper, you have unbounded permission to express that, which in real life is frowned…

#1: How About Aiming Beyond Youth?

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We’re getting there, almost there, and we’re dreading it. We’ve been on the bus for a while riding that freeway hard, with the wind on our hair. So far, it’s been awesome and we don’t want it to stop, like ever. Let the bus ride on! And on, and on.

But it’s slowing down and reaching a stop. We bribe/kiss/plead the driver to carry on and to never stop, but he has no choice, he’s doing his job and following the natural course of things. The bus takes a turn away from the freeway and slows down even more. Shit…

Who are we beyond the chess-board?

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“Oh yes comrade, chess is an escape — an escape from reality. It is an “out”, a kind of “make-work” for a man of higher than average intelligence who was afraid to live, but could not leave his mind unemployed and devoted it to a placebo — thus surrendering to others the living world he had rejected as too hard to understand.

What would you think of a world champion runner who, in real life, moved about in a wheelchair? Or of a champion high jumper who crawled about on all fours? You, the chess professional are taken as exponents…

Or in Short, Aiming Beyond the Skill

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There, our online dream is nearly there. We can learn any skill we want from wherever we are today. The ocean of skills lies open and endless. Where do we dive in and how do we choose and where do we go? Especially for those hungry to grow and develop formidable skills in the new age, but aren’t sure where to start and how?

We’re faced with an overwhelming abundance of choice and options. There’s simply too many.

So Today, what we won’t do is talk about the “7 ways to grow skill” or the “10 proven techniques to be…

Ignore Them and You’re The Fool, Not The Hero

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“Don’t do that, you won’t make a good first impression.”

The first time I heard that while in my early 20s, I cringed.

My internal monologue being: “Why should I bend over to some convention, only to accommodate someone else’s impression? As if I am supposed to care!”

There’s it — the teenage ninja instinct, an aversion for conventions and customs, almost as if they degrade and corrupt. It assumes that anything constructive can’t be conventional or regular and rather must be original and fresh out of one’s own nest — i.e the new.

Customs are made to be the…

Some dynamites are dressed in everyday things

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Some dynamites are dressed as books.
They’re dangerous.
No easy toy reads by a bedside lamp.
Sit up straight, eyes wide open, and digest them with care.
They demand to participate and filter them, wash the husk
Until it becomes yours, privately, a kept secret between you two.
It won’t matter if you “dislike” them and throw them underneath, where no one looks.
You will find your way back to them, naturally, simply.
You’re in its orbit if that happens, and it doesn’t grant you another choice.

Some dynamites are dressed as madmen. The few, tad more dangerous. No easy…

Time to step away from competition and high-speed races

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Let’s talk about competition. Today you’re outmatched in every sense by someone or the other. Name any skill/talent and there’ll be a quarter of the planet to outclass you. Heck, you’ll find a prodigy in your own street, who already beats you to everything at two decades younger. The internet and globalization have exposed and shamed too many of us.

To those who want nothing more than to matter to the world, in their own unique, irreplaceable way — this is severely dispiriting; A trigger towards a nihilistic outlook on all ambition and competence.

Let’s veer away from that and…

Beware of all verbal advice, suggestions, and descriptions

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There’s a kind of speech that generates order from chaos, breaks down large problems to manageable bits, and organizes clutter in thinking. Obviously, speech and words are a phenomenal tool.

But there’s a fine border, which when crossed in overuse of speech, we end up misleading and distorting ourselves. We forget that words are an approximation of that which we experience.

Because when we speak, we’re dealing not in the real thing — but in our estimated projections of the real thing.

Too often we find our own words and proclamations betraying us, for instance:

We might say we’re passionate…

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Rule #2: Feet on the Ground, Head in the Skies. But Feet on the Ground First.

Today, in this modern exhibition, I speak from the youth booth and stall, with a rather unfavorable looking syringe at hand — Maturity.

At first, the word ‘Maturing’ might make us cringe. We prefer passion and the quixotic. Maturity seems like the muttering elderly uncle standing opposed to us, blocking our path, asking us young flames to “fall back in line”; And we despise him even more now yelling:

Why Maturity? When we have our youth!

Hold on.

What if I tell you (And what if you already know):

That Maturity, real sturdy, maturity may be the key to a…

Shiva Sankar

Musician, writer, poet — On a path to make art as real, as useful and as sharp as possible.

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